Happy young father and mother and a little daughter playing with Toy wooden blocks, sitting on the floor in living room, family, parenthood and people concept with Developmental toys


Happy young father and mother and a little daughter playing with Toy wooden blocks, sitting on the floor in living room, family, parenthood and people concept with Developmental toys

Fresh Start welcomes any suggestions or questions from parents. We also encourage each parent to get to know their child’s teacher. We have an open-door policy as families are encouraged to get involved in their child’s classroom.

If you would like to request a conference, please call during school hours to set up a convenient time. Conference can be requested at anytime during school hours, and will include either the lead Teacher, Director, and or both.


On a daily basis, please make sure you check the Family Communication Board within the lobby as well as any correspondences that is sent home with your child/ren. Also, please be sure to check your child’s folder for daily messages, artwork, or daily reports. Notices and messages sent by you should be written and submitted to the administration.

Infants 6 weeks – 18 months will be given a completed daily report from the classroom teacher regarding their overall day events specific to your child. Please make sure you read their daily report as teachers might provide important information on what is needed for the next day for your child and or etc. Fresh Start send monthly newsletters by email, so please look out for those as well. Make sure Fresh Start has your most updated email address on file.

If a family situation suddenly arises, please discuss this with the Director /Lead Teacher. Please remember any information regarding a personal situation is kept confidential. We are glad to assist as much as we can.


I would like to use this opportunity to welcome you on an amazing Summer Camp Journey! It is my prayer that this summer will be the best summer ever for you and your children. It is our summer to reach greater heights, to grow, explore, learn, and build meaningful and enriching relationships. I want to thank you for choosing Glorious Future as your Childʼs Summer Camp destination. I look forward to the opportunity to serve your families! My goal for this summer is to provide parents with an exceptional child care service that will foster the all-around development of your child. I have spent a lot of time and resources extensively preparing for this yearʼs camp to ensure that your child has an amazing summer filled with much learning and fun. As we take this journey I trust that your child will be positively influenced to be the best they were created to be. I believe that all children are created with the divine ability to fulfill their God given purpose. With this understanding, my role is to help develop skills and
discipline that would prepare them for a Glorious Future. Once again, I thank you for the opportunity to work with your child and I look forward to having an amazing summer!

All students must be picked up promptly by 6:00PM.
All Parents will be given a grace time of 10mins
Parents who are running late should notify the program director via text or phone call at least 1 hour before.
All Children who are picked up later than 6:10 will be charged a late fee.
A Late fee of $5 per every 10 mins will be applied to weekly fees.
Keep in mind that staff must be compensated for overtime.
Remember to Sign out your child at pick up.
Children are not allowed to leave the building without a written permission from the parents
We are not allowed to send children to the car outside the building.

Students can bring electronics to the center.
Students must be productive with their electronics devices.
Students are not permitted to make calls without permission.
Students are not permitted to make video recordings at the center, as this involves the recording of other students.

Academic work is designed for students operating on their respective academic levels.
Students who are below their respective academic level will be placed on remedial programs.
All students must fully participate for maximum benefit.
All students will have access to ixl with their login information.
Parents must purchase the recommended chapter books for summer.
Parents can send students with a library card to visit the library.
Please check your childʼs work weekly and ensure it is satisfactory.
Students are expected to work independently and receive guidance as they move up in grades.
We are not permitted by law to force any child to do work.
We will do our best to encourage and motivate your child.

Discipline Policies will be implemented when children are not following the rules, and will include the following:
Verbal warning
Redirection (children will be encouraged to change to a positive activity.
Group Separation (10 mins)
Loss of privileges (No game / fun time.)
Call to parents if behavior continues
If behavior continues, students will be expelled from the program immediately.
It is very important that parents explain to their children the importance of camp rules to ensure their safety and well-being and to make sure they enjoy themselves.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for hitting and inflicting pain of any kind to other students.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. The children expected to work together to build a community setting.
For children who do not follow camp policy and endanger the safety of other campers, their parents will be asked to pick up their child immediately. Such a child will be separated from the group while we await parents to come.
Students with uncontrolled behavior will not be allowed to participate on trips.
To ensure the safety of all camp-goers, children who have uncontrollable behavior issues will no longer be able to attend the camp.

Students will get a chance to go to the Library each week.
Parents can send students with library cards so that they can use the computer and check out books.

Students will only be allowed to check out one book at a time with parentsʼ permission.
Students will not be permitted to check out books for other students.


Glorious Future Learning Center takes a holistic approach in considering children for the program in order to maintain a balance in the ratio mix of younger and older children. By this, we mean that availability for the program, age range is what determines what families are considered for the program, rather than the length of time the family is on the registry.
Note: We will attempt to contact you for program registration at least twice, via e-mail and/or telephone. If we receive no response, your name will automatically be removed from our pending registry. If your family is contacted and you are not ready to enroll your
child, your name will go back into our pending registry.

The interview process is an opportunity for parents to meet with the executive director to discuss their child’s needs and expectations. Additionally, the director will provide further insight into the program’s routines, activities, and program specific.

Upon Registration into the program, parents will receive a welcome packet which includes an admission letter, enrollment contract, program schedule, and an academic calendar, among other documents. All required paperwork must be completed and submitted with the applicable deposit by the deadline indicated in the acceptance letter. If the contract and deposit are not received by the deadline indicated, enrollment is automatically forfeited.
Pending Registry Forms
Mother’s Full Name:
Father’s Full Name:
Street Address
Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:
Cell Phone:
Best Contact Number:
Work Email:
Personal Email:
Child’s First Name:
Child’s Last Name:
Child’s Date of Birth:
Program Interested in:
How did you hear about us:
Enter code:

Tours are available at Glorious future: The place of excellence. The tour includes a 15 min walk through of the facility and a question and answer period.

Children must be Registered on the pending registry Call: 917-545-6762 or email registry@gloriousfuture.org

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